Who Am I?

In West Philadelphia born and raised… No just kidding! As I sit here thinking about who I am and where I come from the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel Air popped into my brain. Shaking my head and moving on now LOL I was born and raised in a small town in central Ontario just north of Brampton. A nice little farming community that was population 4,000 for the majority of my life it seemed very normal to me.

I was an average teenager with dreams of becoming a famous/successful/talented movie star/actress/comedian/Hollywood superstar. In other words I was in love with movies and television in what my younger sister would describe as “an obsession.”

After high school I was accepted to Humber College into the Comedy Writing and Performance program in Toronto. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people during my time there. Most importantly I met my future (and current LOL) husband and fell in love. It changed my trajectory when I realized I had found “the one” and when I graduated I wasn’t ready to struggle and went and got a “real” job to pay rent and be with him as much as I could. I said goodbye to that dream and hello to my future! No regrets what so ever. He is the reason I had that dream as a girl I truly believe all that led me to him. Now that I had found him I just wanted him and you know what? To this day he is all I want or need.

We moved back to my home town a few years later to work at my family business. We were married in 2011 after 9 years of living together. Two years later our first child was born. A wonderful baby boy who is nothing but spunk and energy! Our second child is due July 2017 and we are told (and expecting) a baby girl.

I love LOVE LOVE being a wife and mother. Which leads to the question…

Why Did I Start A Blog?

Along the way I’ve had quite a few full time jobs since college. I was (in order) a receptionist, an accounts receivable/payable clerk, a bookkeeper, an office manager, an executive assistant, a blog writer, social media manager, SEO manager, graphic designer, large format printer operator, MOM (lol), home daycare operator, and part time cleaner. With all of these jobs I’ve gotten quite a bit of experience under my belt in the scope of writing a blog or making my own money. Left with a bad taste in my mouth working on sites for other people/businesses I thought I would or could never do it for myself.

When faced with the REALITY that I have a second baby on the way and I NEED to find a way for myself to spend as much time with my kids as possible it all boiled down to using my own talents/experience to make that possible. A blog was the most natural and obvious way for me to do this!

What Is This Blog About?

I have a big interest in ALL things pop culture! Music, Television, Movies, Celebrities, Comedy, and on and on… I have been banned from many a party/board games that have anything to do with pop culture because I’m too familiar with it ALL! So in that aspect I bring you the topics Music and TV Time! Please let me know if you have anything in either category you would like my take on! I love community ideas!!

My next area of interest I decided I could share with y’all is Crafting. I was a Girl Guide from the age of 5 to the age of 18. That is a whopping 13 years of glue, glitter, felt all swirled together with hot glue! I’m quite exited that this year I will be welcoming a little girl into this world so that I can continue my LOVE of all things Girl Guides through her! I mean she can’t start until she is 4 or 5 years old so in the mean time I am happy to share my crafting experience and love here for you!

Over the adult years of my life I have developed an interest in Party Planning. This topic goes hand in hand with my crafting love. It has also a lot to do with my large extended but very close family. I have so many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins in my life that there is always some kind of event happening in the near future. From family reunions, baby showers to weddings there is always an event that needs to be planned. Since the invention of Pinterest this has developed into a sort of hobby that I at one time dreamt would turn into a business of its own. Not enough hours in my day to plan all the parties I have dreamt up!

As I mentioned above I love being a Wife and most of all a Mother. This has put me in the know when it comes to all things Kids.  How to keep them occupied with activities, what to do with a baby (after hours and hours of googling with my first kid I have learned a lot!!), parenting in general and most recently preparing to send a kid to kindergarten (WHAT?!?! This September in fact EEEK)

I also love to cook and bake so I would love to share all of my go to Recipes. I hope that I can share recipes that you will want to try. I have some that are kid friendly and some that are just indulgent! A lot I admit aren’t my own but I have dug deep into my actual PHYSICAL recipe box (with written out cards and everything) to share some family recipes and some that I’ve used again and again! Please let me know what you think! I honestly love feedback!

I also have a love and more experience than I would like to admit in online shopping. On my blog I will recommend products and such but only things that I have tried and used myself. I’m an honest person and I hope that shows here in my blog! I have an honest need to share and give advice love it or leave it!


So OFF we go on this adventure called a blog… ENJOY!!