Get Out YOUR Old Toys

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SO as most mothers do I am always looking for ways to keep my young kids occupied! When every toy has been played with and every game has been exhausted what do you do? I’ve spent many an hour looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to keep my boy active, interested and engaged. He is a busy guy. He always has been. I am always up for ideas on how to keep him engaged so if you have any please post a comment or message me on social media with any ideas!

This post is about how I decided that some of MY old toys were still relevant and good enough to keep my son entertained. Last summer my parents sold our childhood home. This meant that it was time to clean out any of the remnants of US that remained in that house on the way to staging it and getting it ready for the new owners. When I was 13 our house had a horrible flood so a lot of our favourite toys that “lived” in the basement were destroyed. It was kind of a GROW UP now incident as our childhood memories were wiped away in a day. The things that meant the most to me as a child were forever destroyed and made instant lifelong memories. A few of these things included our VAST Barbie collection (which included a few New Kids On The Block dolls and Brendan and Dylan from 90210), baby dolls and accessories, the My Little Pony collection, a large collection of Treasure Trolls and various awesome toys from the 80’s and 90’s

There are a few toys that made it through the flood and lived on to tell a tale or too. I also had a few of my husbands childhood toys to pass on as well:

My Husbands Etch a Sketch is still very much working and played with. My son uses this to draw “maps” and get driving directions when needed. I’m no expert but I’m fairly certain this toy is good for hand eye coordination. I’m also positive that its not got any dangerous parts to it that may be dangerous 30 years after manufacturing. If you have one of these gems tucked away get it out and your child will thank you for it!

My Little Pony sure has changed since I was a kid. The show that is now on as My Little Pony brand is unbearable to me. However when I was a kid I’d probably love it! When I was a kid I loved My Little Pony and I’m sure that part of the reason was the little girl on the show’s name was Megan… just like mine! One year for my birthday I got the most amazing gift of Megan’s Place Pony House. This is one of the toys that was salvaged from the toy destroying flood as it was made entirely of plastic. None of the furniture or parts made it back into my possession but my sister was able to dig it out, clean it up and gave it to me for Christmas. The beauty of this toy is that they make new pony toys so we were able to get a few new ponies and now my son plays with the toy as if it was made in the last 10 years instead of 30 years ago!

Another toy we came across while packing my parent’s house was one of my most favourite baby dolls. I got him when I was 8 or 9. He has all the boy appropriate parts and is the size of an average baby. He was a Real Baby to me and I named him Jonathan. The thing about this “real” baby is that he was made of plastic and was easily washed and brought back to life with a little love an care. It doesn’t matter much to my son that Jonathan is missing two toes although he does like to hear the story of how our childhood dog Sandy chewed them off and was “a very bad dog.” It is nice to share these random childhood memories with my son while he makes memories of his own with MY toys.

I was a very girly girl back in the 80’s and 90’s but I had a few (what was considered then) “boy toys” as well. We weren’t able to save the G.I. Joe motorcycle that I had or any of the Matchbox/Hot Wheels that we would play with. If you have a collection of these kinds of toys they are the perfect thing to pass along. The cast iron stands the test of time and I’m sure they are models of cars that you just can’t find now. I’ve noticed when trying to buy cars for my son that there aren’t as many “real/everyday” style cars like there used to be when I was a kid.

Any toys that can be properly washed or disinfected are a great thing to pass onto your kids. I know that as a kid we got a kick playing with the Barbie dolls that my mom and her sisters played with in the 70’s. Let your kids make memories with the memories that you once cherished. There is no reason you won’t want to get down on the floor with them and play with YOUR toys too!

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