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So another show that I have grown to love and BINGE watched on Netflix (of course), If you have noticed right now one of the only “legal” ways we stream at our house is Netflix. I am not sure but I also believe you can stream this one on amazon prime as well. Detectorists is a great show about a pair of friends who share a hobby that isn’t so traditional.

I’ll break down the first episode for you now. Andy and Lance are a pair of friends who live in rural Essex, Engalnd town called Danebury. They are members of the local Detectorist club and often go detecting together. In the first episode they meet a young college student named Sophie and find out that there could be a large treasure hidden on a local farm. The owner of the farm has a reputation of not allowing people to go on his property and that he may have killed his wife and buried her somewhere on the property.

What I like about this show is the subtle humour. It is not in your face or slapstick in anyway at all. Its about a relationship between two friends who share an unusual bond. They are ordinary people who often find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Their friends and colleagues are also either ordinary or quirky but they all live in this realistic world with real world expectations and lives.

This show is for sure made by the actors and the writing. The main character Andy is played by the creator/writer/director of the show Mackenzie Crook. For those of you who have also watched the British version of The Office you will recognize him as Gareth the UK’s version of Dwight Shrute. He really did a phenomenal job with this show. I didn’t know when I watched the first series that he wrote and directed the show but he also brings Andy to life as an unsure man trying to fulfill his dream to find treasure as well as meet the needs of his live in girlfriend whom he loves very much.

I watched this show with my husband so it for sure falls into the date night category. We both like shows from England and generally enjoy most British humour. We started this one before the second series (also known as second season) had been posted so when the second series was live on Netflix we binged it as well. This all of course was before we had two children and had more time to watch what we wanted after child numero uno was asleep. If you enjoy British comedy, mild love stories buried within interesting character development this may be a date night show for you as well.

For those who don’t have streaming capabilities (yes in this day and age they DO still exist) and you want to give this show a chance… I’ll just leave this link right here:

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