A Slight Delay To My Blogging Adventures

So I tried my very hardest to be extremely prepared with this blog. I have set up the rough templates for over 72 posts starting back in April 2017. As I got progressively more pregnant my energy level depleted and I got all of a whopping 2 posts complete and scheduled to start posting July 1st 2017.

My plan was to get more done than I ever possibly could but FEAR NOT! I will be back at it soon because…

Early in the morning July 1st 2017 SHE CAME! Without warning and faster than expected a whopping 8lbs 9oz my second baby arrived! A full head of dark hair that I never expected and I’m totally in love!

That being said it will take me a few weeks to get used to this juggling act that is having two kids! After that I should be able to fire out 3 posts a week as I have them all set up and ready to finish!

Thanks for reading what I have done so far and stay tuned! I promise it will be worth it!