Number One 10 Years Ago Today

This is a fun idea I had when I first thought about starting a blog. Why not look back and see what the number one songs were according to the Billboard Hot 100 10 years ago to the day. So lets look WAAAAY back and see what the number one single was today in 2007:

AND WATCH ME YUUUULE LOL If there ever was a song that made you want to do the dance that went along with it… this was one of those songs. So back in the days of flip phones and the dawn of viral videos this is just a taste of what was to come! This song is HANDS down a look into the future at Silento’s Watch Me (whip… whip whip whip). This was a time before youtube stars who were young and in charge and I personally thought this kid was CRAZY and couldn’t believe how popular this song was. I will admit it is ONE catchy track. The hook will be in your head all day now if you just watched that video above (you are welcome)

So 10 years ago… 2007. What were you doing at that time?? I was 24 years old. I was just moving back to my home town after living in the big city of Toronto for a number of years, going to college, meeting the love of my life and realizing it wasn’t for me! Moving back to my home town with my (now husband) boyfriend and moving into an apartment and going to work for my parents didn’t turn out the way I had thought it would at that time but it was FOR sure a transitional time in my life. Reconnecting with old friends and making plans for the future that for the most part aren’t even CLOSE to where I ended up now. I only did two years of college. I took Comedy Writing and Performance LOL so I feel like this time in my life was part of the “school of hard knocks” phase in my life. I was learning to be adult but still quite a child (as I look back now… don’t think I would agree to this back then LOL)

If I was to know then what I know now I’m sure I would have gone a different direction. The 10 years between then and now I sure did learn a lot. I wonder if Soulja Boy would say the same! What a young kid he was when this song was the number one song in the US. I wonder what he would have done differently. Or what he did with all that money. What would I have done with all that money? WHO knows lol I’m sure I wouldn’t be sitting here with my precious baby in my lap fast asleep while I blog. I know that likely wouldn’t be the case!

This post for sure wasn’t what I thought it would be. It got me all nostalgic and shiiiit ha ha ha. I think I might do another post like this when I’m looking for an idea and I’m stuck. See what the number one song was THAT day and look back in time and see where I was at then too… HECK I’m getting so old now I could do a 20 years ago post…. hmmm I just might do that! Stay tuned!!

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