Tin Can Themed Party

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When I found out that I was going to be an aunt I started a board on Pinterest right away and started planning my sisters baby shower. We held the party at the local Agricultural Centre for a small rental fee and kitchen unit included

  1. Star Confetti: Confetti Bistro
  2. Tin Can Centrepieces: Craftdayisthebestday.com
  3. Cut Out Letters: Turquoise Owl “Welcome Home Baby”
  4. Tin Can Lanterns: 15 Cool DIY Projects To Try
  5. Table Skirt: Turquoise Owl “Welcome Home Baby”

Brunch Themed Food:

  1. French Toast Bites: Recipe Tin Eats
  2. Fruit Salad Cups: Tea Green Chandelier
  3. Mini Chicken and Waffles: Home is Where the Boat Is
  4. Maple Bacon Pancake Bites: Vixens Kitchen
  5. Virgin Mimosas: Cook This Again Mom

The theme I decided on was based on the main “craft” I wanted to do and that was Tin Cans and Stars. I started 4 months early collecting cans. The best place that I found was the kitchen at the school I worked at. They used more cans in a week than all of my extended family used in a month. The best part was the extra large cans they had for things like tomatoes. I started painting the cans two months ahead as there were a lot of cans that I used for lots of different things. In retrospect painting the lanterns ahead of time was a mistake (I will explain below). The colours my sister had picked for her nursery were island blue, egg shell blue, navy blue and gray. I split the cans up into each size then split them into groups of 4 so I had an equal amount of each can painted in each colour. I also painted the inside of the cans white that would be used for lanterns (again a big mistake). I used regular acrylic craft paint instead of spray paint to get the exact colours she requested. You would likely have an easier time with this project if you used a spray paint and a clear sealer.

Get Acrylic Paint Here

I also took on the task of making a beautiful hand made tule table skirt. This was a task I will never do again as it was so time consuming. I found out I was pregnant about two weeks before the shower and I couldn’t manage to finish and make it as long as I wanted to but it suited its purpose for the few hours that it was used. I will one day take that table skirt and flip it into baby tutus or something. This is a “craft” for someone who has the time and patience and money to buy a LARGE amount of tule. I also designed a custom wall print (which you can sort of see in this picture behind some of the gifts) as part of her gift. I had this printed at my families sign shop but you can easily make something like this using stock clip art and printing at somewhere like Staples. I also bought some decorations at Party City and the local dollar store.

Another project I really enjoyed was the cut out letters. I had them cut out at the family sign shop in a sign board and then hand painted them using the colours of the nursery. The reason I made the theme the colours of her nursery was so that she could use some of the hard work I did for the shower in the nursery. The custom print and the cut out letters are still up in her little guys room 10 months later.

Another little touch that I found on Pinterest was star confetti. I didn’t want to spend money on this project but I ended up spending a bit to add to my craft arsenal. I bought a stack of scrapbooking paper in the matching colours, two pieces of sparkly card stock and a star paper cutter. When I would watch my shows I would sit and punch out stars and it seemed like it took no time at all to fill up this plastic cup. The day of the shower we sprinkled it out on the tables and it added the star element to the decor.

I glued ribbon in the theme colours to the cans and filled them with fresh flours to make amazing centrepieces. This turned out really well and I ended up with exactly enough cans for the amount of tables we had.

I also cut out some paper bunting and hung it around for another added bit of decor. If I was to do it again I would add some start to the paper as well. I love bunting but didn’t have time to do anything more than paper. We had virgin mimosa as the punchAs an added touch to the punch I used mod podge and added sparkles to the bottom of the disposable wine glasses in the theme colours. This was another task that took a long time but was worth it for the added touch.As is standard I also offered coffee and ice water at the drink station.

My food theme was Brunch Finger Food. My sister’s mother in law brought her home made muffins. My mother and I did the rest of the food (mostly my mom!) The food included: Mini Chicken and Waffles, Maple Bacon Pancake Bites, Mini Quiche, Tasty Tater tots, French Toast Bites and Mini Fruit Salad Cups. We also offered pickle trays, and veggies with dip. My talented cousin also made cupcakes as per usual.

The take home gift was the Tin Can Lanterns. This project as mentioned above was a chore and didn’t work out as expected. If it wasn’t for my mom they would never have been completed. I was pregnant and not feeling great and really slacked on what I thought would be a super easy project. I also made the above mentioned mistake of painting all the cans prior to poking the holes in them. This was a problem as we realized when we went to poke the holes the cans would collapse under the pressure of the hammer and nail as we tried to punch them. We quickly realized the best way to get them to stay in tact was to fill them with water and freeze them. This caused the white paint on the inside to chip and crack and peel. Pre-painting them also bit me in the but as when they were punched the paint would chip off on the outside. We quickly learned we had to repaint about half of them. We also tied ribbon on them to make a handle for holding them. We bought a couple bulk packages of battery operated candles and put them inside. They didn’t turn out as nice as I expected but they were a nice try for sure!

I found these patterns on Pinterest and used the star on the lanterns. I also overshot how many holes were needed. We ended up cutting out all the inside holes and only doing the outline on the cans.

We played the Clothes Pin Game at the shower. Everyone took two clothes pins (which I painted the colours of the shower of course) and they were then not allowed to say the word “Baby”. If someone caught you saying the word baby they could take one of your clothes pins away. The person who had the most clothes pins at the end was the winner. I also had everyone write out their own address on a label to help baby mama with her thank you card writing.

Baby showers are a lot of fun. They are also a lot of work. I would suggest doing less of the BIG tasks that I took on and focus more on the small decor things. All in all I’m pretty sure my sister loved her shower and I would do it all again for her and my nephew because I love them SO much!

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