Winter One-derland First Birthday Party

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This post is for sure a fun one! Although it was almost 4 years ago it honestly feels like I was only JUST planning my little guy’s Winter One-derland Party. I wanted to go ALL out for my first born’s first birthday and I think I did a pretty great job!

The first thing I did was make a board on Pinterest with all the ideas I wanted to do for the party.


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  2. Chili Bar: NFL Football Viewing Party
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  5. Snack Table: Landon’s Winter ONEderland First Birthday Party
  6. Decorations: 36 Cool DIY Crafts Using Coffee Filters that Will Surprise You
  7. General Theme: Winter Candyland First Birthday Party

The theme I picked for the party was Winter One-derland and the colour scheme I picked was Red, Green and Blue with white polka dots. I used these colours throughout the whole party and this made it easier when it came to making decisions. I always like to start with a colour scheme so I can stay on track with choices during the party planning. The party location was at my parents house to save a little money on a rental.

I used Vistaprint to get the invitations. I had them printed on postcard stock because it gives a more “keepsake” feel to the invitations. It makes them have a more eye catching effect when they are stuck to someones fridge with a magnet or pinned to a cork board.

My family owns and operates a sign shop in our home town. This makes it very easy to get things like this banner done up easily. This banner is 2 feet by 8 feet and it was an awesome centrepiece to the whole party. It is always a little pricey to do something like this but it was for sure worth upping my budget a little to add this to the theme. I got the polka dot balloons at Party City.

These cookies for the guests to take home were an event in themselves. I bought Oreos, white melting chocolate (at bulk barn), Sprinkles (also at bulk barn) and was given the bags by my cousin for free. The cardboard labels I had printed at the sign shop as well. I melted the chocolate over low heat and I dipped half the Oreos and then let it set. Then I did the other side and dipped that side into a coloured sprinkles. This was a very labour intensive project but it definitely paid off in the end. They were also super sweet and delicious.

For the main food I opted for a nice warm wintery chili bar. I made my own homemade  basic chili and had toppings GALORE! I wanted something that everyone could make their own. No one likes the same chili so I made it so you could make your own as you went! Toppings included: fresh tomatoes, jalepenos, shredded cheddar cheese, diced green onion, bacon bits, french onions, and mushrooms. I also had corn muffins, guacamole, siracha and my grandma made her famous tea biscuits as well. This was one of my favourite parts of the party and it was a hit.


My family has a hook up of all hook ups. My cousin has taken a cake decorating class so we always have the nicest cupakes and cakes on our snack table! I literally just tell her to do whatever she thinks will look good within my theme and she has never disappointed. I bought polkadot cupcake wrappers from Dollarama and let her do the rest. She also did that adorable little smash cake in a low sugar cake batter so we weren’t overloading baby on his first taste of cake. We also always have a veggie platter and some chips and dip as well for those who might not have a sweet tooth. I bought some polkadot scrapbooking paper and wrapped the water bottles for an extra touch.

Every party needs a nice drink table. I did a hot chocolate station (keeping it warm in the crock pot) with marshmallows and disposable coffee cups wrapped in the polkadot scrapbooking paper. I also had soft drinks and ice and wrapped the 2L bottles in the paper as well to hide the labels and pull in the theme. I also had mason jar cups with paper muffin liners on the lids and straws poking out the top which thinking back I am not so sure they got used but were nice to look at. We also had tea and coffee available as well… because it was a party for a baby and the adults need to drink too!

The best part was of course the smash cake that took the babe some coaxing to even touch! I had to put the icing into his mouth with my finger to get him to even try it. It was a great party I honestly think it was my favourite party to plan to date. I can’t believe that we find ourselves almost 3 years later and the little guy is in junior kindergarten already!

Let me know if you have planned a party that is worth talking about! Or if you have any questions or want any ideas please contact me! I will also be updating my Pinterest regularly with lots of party planning and decor ideas! Stay tuned to the blog for more parties I’ve planned too.

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