Punch Recipe
This is the basic punch recipe that I use at all our family parties and any that I’m planning. I will post a few different variations as well so you can try out any that tickle your fancy!
Servings Prep Time
10-20People 10Minutes
Servings Prep Time
10-20People 10Minutes
  • 1part AlcoholI usually substitute with another part sugar if trying to make a non alcohol punch
  • 1part Sugar
  • 1part Lemon or Citrus
  • 1 part WaterI sometimes use Ice for this but sometimes I use Ice as well as Water depending on the rest of the ingrediants
  • 1part Tea/Spices
  1. Mix all parts together in a punch bowl and serve chilled.
Recipe Notes

Here are a few different variations I have tried with this punch recipe:

Amaretto, Cranberry Juice, Sliced Lemon, Water, Arizona Green Tea – This is a nice one for Christmas time!

Ginger Ale, Frozen Concentrated Mango Juice, Lemonade, Ice, 7up – This is a nice one for a baby shower or a wedding shower.

Rum, Frozen Concentrated Cranberry Cocktail, Sliced Lime, Ice with Orange pieces frozen in them, Frozen Concentrated Nestea – Another good one for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Amaretto, Frozen Raspberry Concentrate, Sliced Lemons, Water, Ginger Ale

Grenadine, Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, 7Up, Water, Orange Slices – This is a fun “Shirley Temple” style punch that is always a hit and my GO to!

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