Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I think I should start of my ramblings of this show with the fact that it is likely my most favourite show of all time. PERIOD. I don’t think I can think of another show that I have loved so much in ALL my life.

To give you a taste of what the show is about I should start by giving you a brief overview of the first episode. Kimmy and her “sister wives” are trapped in a bunker celebrating Christmas 15 years after the apocalypse (or so they were told by the “reverend” who captured them) when they are rescued and realize that the world has still been going on without them. When doing the press tour in New York to discuss the rescue Kimmy decides to stay there instead of returning to Durnsville Indiana with the rest of the “Mole Woman.” She meets Titus Andromadon right away and she becomes his roommate. Lilian is their landlord. Kimmy goes to a nightclub to see what its like and her backpack is stolen along with ALL her money. She finds a job working for a rich housewife named Jaqueline and when life gets her down she decides she needs to stay in New York to help her new friends and learn what life is like in the modern world. Funny right?

This show is made by some of the writers and producers who made 30 Rock so you know it has to be good. I know that I liked it because I watched the first two seasons 4 times through EACH waiting for the third season to be realized. Titus makes me laugh till I cry. Like EVERY time! I can’t get enough of him.

The writing and acting in this show is EVERYTHING. The characters have their own unique quirks and they all get you invested in them almost right away. The great cameos that come in season 2 make it even more funny. John Hamm and Tina Fey are great. The jokes in this show are always on point and I honestly think if you enjoyed 30 Rock even a tiny bit you will love this show. I tip my hat to the writing staff for sure!


The 3rd Season is the newest season and it is now available on Netflix. It is good. I would say not quite as good as season one and two but if you enjoyed the first two you WILL enjoy the third one as well. When season 3 came out I was pregnant and I would literally count down the hours till my son’s bedtime so I could cram as much of this show in as I could before I HAD to go to bed. I HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy and needs a little Mama time!