Do You Ever Get Stuck In A Life Rut?

Do you ever get the feeling like no matter what you do you can’t catch up on LIFE? Never ending laundry, dishes, waiting for the bus to come, picking up after kids and the circle goes round and round? I have for sure found myself in this predicament currently. I feel like my wheels are spinning in place no matter how I try to get ahead.

I wonder if it is just this time of year. That no mans land between summer and winter called autumn where winter routines haven’t kicked in and the change in time affects everyone to varying degrees. Sleep isn’t what it was in August and the weather is just BLAH to say the least. Things just seem to keep ticking on like we are just going through the motions. I feel this hardcore today and for the last week. I’m not feeling depressed just UNACCOMPLISHED and underwhelmed at the same time.

I want to get so much done with my limited free time but I feel like that free time is getting eaten up with the day to day things that never seem to stay DONE! I would LOVE some ideas you have out there in the world on how to get past these things. This is one of those rare blog posts where I don’t have a solution and DARE not give a gimmicky made up solution either. I want to hear from you!

So this is the time in the post where I’m going to go through all the ways you can contact me!

INSTAGRAM: I use Instagram quite often if not every day. Lately I feel like I haven’t even had time to do that! NONE the less you can contact me there @meganplainandtall┬áPlease follow me even if you don’t need to contact me. I’m always up for sharing fun photos and not so fun ones like the one above!

EMAIL: You can email me anytime! I am really good at getting back to emails as they come right to my pocket computer (AKA my phone ha ha ha) and love feedback and blog ideas so send what you may!

CONTACT FORM: Oh yes… I have one of those! If you don’t want to leave my site (and why would you want to right?) you can zip on over there to the Contact Me page!

FACEBOOK PAGE: This is in the works… I will update this post when it is ready so you can obviously just click through… One of the things I want to be done but can’t get to until I have fed, bathed, put the kids to bed and all the many other life chores are complete… Check back for that!

PINTEREST: If you are over at Pinterest more than anywhere else… I’m there too! Message me or follow me if you want! @meganplainNtall

NEWSLETTER: I have a newsletter! You can sign up to and get all the site updates on the regular HERE! Do it. For Me? So I feel like I have gotten something done today?

GOOD luck all with getting YOUR life stuff done… when you do… let me know how you did it!

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