Busytown Mysteries

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So this is my very first attempt at a review for my site! I love Television, Film and Podcasts as much as I love parenting so I figured I would attempt to do some reviews as well. Let you in on what we watch and what we enjoy at our house!

Today I want to tell you about a show that was a hit from day one at our house. Busytown Mysteries is a show that we found on Netflix. My son was OBSESSED with this show for quite a while. He has kind of out grown it but there are many reasons that I liked that he enjoyed this show.

This show is based on the books written and illustrated by Richard Scarry. I remember the books very fondly from when I was a kid. We still have a few of his books kicking around that were mine when I was a young whipper snapper LOL. Loveable Lowly Worm was in most of the books and the fun concept that animals lived and worked in towns just like people is a great concept for kids.

The thing I liked most about the show was the songs. YES they were repetitive but they were great songs for me and my son to sing along to. Even if he wasn’t in the mood for singing along with the show I always found my self singing the WHO WHAT WHERE WHY song. The opening song is a jingle that still comes up when things go missing at our house. I will find myself singing (maybe not quite in tune) “You and me, solving mysteries, with HUCKLE”


Another great thing about this show (and as I’ve come to learn a lot of really popular kids shows) is the fact that it is made in Canada. Canadian content isn’t a HUGE deal breaker in our house but it is a nice thing to know about something we love. Always great to show pride for something that was made in our proud nation!

This show teaches kids to be curious. It influences them to use investigative skills to solve their own problems and to be aware of their environment. There is something good to say about a show that inadvertently teaches them pride for their neighbourhood and to be respectful and helpful to those who share that space. The little kids in this show are Huckle, his sister Sally and their best friend Lowly they solve mysteries in their town along with their friends Pig Will and Pig Won’t (twins and their names make me laugh every time!). They never come across as pests but as serious detectives who want to help solve a mystery that usually results in them helping someone fix a problem. Gold Bug the reporter keeps close tabs on what they are doing and reports the progress as if on an actual news program. There weren’t a great amount of episodes on Netflix but enough that I didn’t feel like we were watching the same thing over and over. I really feel like this show is great for kids and if you ever find yourself looking for something new to watch I highly recommend this one for your littles.

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